A simple, smooth blowout is a foolproof way to complement your special dress for the wedding or that stylish outfit you're wearing to dinner. Looks great with chic jeans too!

Preparation: Have your hair clean and wet or damp.   

What to expect: This service includes the use of a blow dryer only.  Hot irons are not used in this process.

Styling & Updo's

More dressed up? Want a little wave? How about a bouncy curl?   

Opt for a styling with waves or curls.   And for a more formal look, you'll have lots to choose from. From the simple or not so simple ponytail, an elegant bun, the timeless french twist, to a soft, whimsical up-sweep.

Preparations: Have your hair clean and dry.   

What to expect: This service is done on dry hair and may include the use of hot tools such as curling irons and flatirons or a blow-dryer. This service may be combined with a blowout.   

Wild Child

Maybe you have a wild streak...Well, so do we!   

Want a not-so-typical bun or ponytail? How about a fashion runway look?   

Be your own kind of you. We've got that covered too.